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Monday 26 December 2011

Top 10 Factors to Increase Online Sales from an E- Commerce Website

Here are the top 10 website factors that can boost E-Commerce website visitors from converting to customers:

Pricing: Pricing should be popper. Any product listed on the E-commerce website design should have proper price tag, so that user can decide as per his pocket range.

Product Description: As per survey more than 12% of visitors returned back due to the lack of clear and complete product descriptions. Descriptions must be thorough enough to replace the knowledge of a sales associate. A good and complete description of the products will be crucial factor to convert visitor into customer. This is a good strategy for the website promotions also.

Stock Information: It is important that availability of products be communicated to website visitors early on in the purchasing process. If a product is out of stock, timely information about when it will be available is also important.

Site functionality: Website should be simple and should have Key functionalities such as wish lists, in-store pick-up, personalized recommendations, guest checkout and product filters etc. People should get as per their expectations as they enter he website.

Shipping information: Shipping prices and times should be readily available. Lack of this information is likely to cause checkout drop-offs and complete abandonment of the site. All this available information may turn as real shopping cart solutions for visitors.

Discount Coupon: As the customer get the discount coupon codes for shopping. The option to enter the coupon codes should be easily viewable to the consumers.

Images: People like to see what they’re buying before they make a purchase. High quality photography from multiple angles and with zoom capabilities is important for converting shoppers into buyers.

Navigation: Navigation of the site should be strong and simple. Broken links within the shopping cart, lack of category pages in the main navigation and broken browser functionality should not be there.

Product Video: Product videos can add flare to a product page and apparently consumers expect them. Presence of product video will be an added advantage to increase sales and website promotion too.


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