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Friday 1 April 2022

How Do Retail App Development Services Make an eStore More Profitable?

How Do Retail App Development Services Make an eStore More Profitable?



If you're aware of the current digital trend in the eCommerce industry, you'll agree that a website for your business is simply not enough. The days are gone when companies used to advertise their brand with website banners, email marketing, or newspaper to attract new customers.

Today, mobile apps play a critical role in attracting and building relationships between customers and businesses. In truth, retail eCommerce apps are famous for giving customers a better shopping experience since they are only a few taps away. With a functional and attractive eCommerce application or retail software solution, retail business owners gain the ability to engage customers anywhere, anytime.

 Take a look at the stats that reveals the importance of smartphones in the retail eCommerce world:

·         More than 30 percent of customers in the US shop via smartphones.

·         US customers compare product prices using their smartphones when shopping in an offline store.

·         In 2021, more than 70 percent of eCommerce sales were carried out via smartphones.

·         Lastly, 79 percent of users like to shop from dedicated mobile apps.

 All these statistics tell about the growing importance of mobile apps. So, keep reading and find out why your business must invest in retail app development services.


To Enhance Brand Recognition

One of the biggest reasons you must opt for eCommerce app development is to enhance your brand’s visibility among clients and customers.

A mobile app for your retail eCommerce business will help your brand finds an easy way to connect with customers since most spend a lot of their time browsing on mobile devices. The app can introduce your brand to your customers in a whole new light. 

So now, it is crucial to invest in quality eCommerce software development, especially when you are a retail eCommerce business owner.


To Enrich Customer Experience

Online customers will hope for a personalized experience while buying from your retail eCommerce store. And using your website as a way to enrich your customers' experience would not be enough. However, if you want customers to keep coming back, you'll need expert retail app development services for your eCommerce store.

Moreover, with an eCommerce app, you can utilize the strength of emerging technologies, such as AR & VR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. Plus, with these additions to your app, you’ll become eligible to collect valuable insights on your customers, such as

·         What are your customer's main preferences or likings regarding your products or services?

·         How much time are they taking to select and buy a product?

·         At what time are they usually online shopping?

Once you answer all these questions, you’ll become more eligible to provide your customers with an enriched shopping experience. However, make sure you employ the right eCommerce app development company that understands your customers and your company.


In Conclusion

Most of us know that it’s not easy to find success with a retail eCommerce business. Therefore, it becomes even more important to grab every opportunity that may help you fulfill your business goals.

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