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Friday, 1 April 2022

How Do Retail App Development Services Make an eStore More Profitable?

How Do Retail App Development Services Make an eStore More Profitable?



If you're aware of the current digital trend in the eCommerce industry, you'll agree that a website for your business is simply not enough. The days are gone when companies used to advertise their brand with website banners, email marketing, or newspaper to attract new customers.

Today, mobile apps play a critical role in attracting and building relationships between customers and businesses. In truth, retail eCommerce apps are famous for giving customers a better shopping experience since they are only a few taps away. With a functional and attractive eCommerce application or retail software solution, retail business owners gain the ability to engage customers anywhere, anytime.

 Take a look at the stats that reveals the importance of smartphones in the retail eCommerce world:

·         More than 30 percent of customers in the US shop via smartphones.

·         US customers compare product prices using their smartphones when shopping in an offline store.

·         In 2021, more than 70 percent of eCommerce sales were carried out via smartphones.

·         Lastly, 79 percent of users like to shop from dedicated mobile apps.

 All these statistics tell about the growing importance of mobile apps. So, keep reading and find out why your business must invest in retail app development services.


To Enhance Brand Recognition

One of the biggest reasons you must opt for eCommerce app development is to enhance your brand’s visibility among clients and customers.

A mobile app for your retail eCommerce business will help your brand finds an easy way to connect with customers since most spend a lot of their time browsing on mobile devices. The app can introduce your brand to your customers in a whole new light. 

So now, it is crucial to invest in quality eCommerce software development, especially when you are a retail eCommerce business owner.


To Enrich Customer Experience

Online customers will hope for a personalized experience while buying from your retail eCommerce store. And using your website as a way to enrich your customers' experience would not be enough. However, if you want customers to keep coming back, you'll need expert retail app development services for your eCommerce store.

Moreover, with an eCommerce app, you can utilize the strength of emerging technologies, such as AR & VR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. Plus, with these additions to your app, you’ll become eligible to collect valuable insights on your customers, such as

·         What are your customer's main preferences or likings regarding your products or services?

·         How much time are they taking to select and buy a product?

·         At what time are they usually online shopping?

Once you answer all these questions, you’ll become more eligible to provide your customers with an enriched shopping experience. However, make sure you employ the right eCommerce app development company that understands your customers and your company.


In Conclusion

Most of us know that it’s not easy to find success with a retail eCommerce business. Therefore, it becomes even more important to grab every opportunity that may help you fulfill your business goals.

Cogniter Technologies provide a flawless coding architecture that ensures quality outcomes. Moreover, if you seek engaging UI/UX designs, on-time deployment, and complicated backend development, Cogniter Technologies will prove a one-stop shop for end-to-end mobile app development. Rendering quality-oriented application development is our standard that notified our full-cycle mobile app development service.

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Friday, 4 March 2022

Unlock the Marketing & Advertising Trends that help you Rule in 2022

Advertising and Marketing have always been a famed industry for quick evolution & transformations.

Regardless of that, the circumstances of a few previous years have made the marketing industry more competitive & challenging for marketers.

From technological shifts, labor shortages, pandemic-suffered consumers to supply chain disturbance, made the marketers more nimble and proactive.

Since 2020, every marketer has written their strategic concepts, rewritten, and fully vanished sometimes.

Am I right?  Because I did the same!

Well, the competition touches the sky doesn’t mean businesses can beat it.

Today's blog post will discuss the top Marketing & Advertising trends that help you steer in 2022 & beyond.

Let’s start, then!!!

Top 5 Marketing & Advertising Trends of 2022

Inclusive & Empathetic Marketing

Inclusive & Empathetic Marketing encourages the human centricity that will be the one way to succeed further.

Unsurprisingly, Isolation, uncertain incidents, and social distance of the previous years have badly scooped up on the mental well-being of humans.  As a result, consumers start attracting towards the softer marketing techniques; in spite of overpromising advertisements.  

Basically, Empathetic & Inclusive marketing is all about putting your approach in the customer's shoes.  The prime aim of the approach is to build a credible relationship with your customer that will run last long and mutually benefits both sides of the customer & business.

There are a few tricks to remember while implementing an Empathetic marketing approach:

·         Always be authentic

·         Increase Customer Engagement

·         Let your customer believe why you exist

·         Use Empathetic language, etc.


  Voice Search Optimization

Did you know 48% of customers started using voice search assistants for web search?  Well, 48% is not an ignorable figure.  Since the advent of the Voice Search functionality, it has proved the fastest growing technology, including Siri, Alex, and many others.

Respectively, the increase in voice searches drives website SEO.

Voice Search Assistant is an interesting technique.  Imagine asking common questions and getting answers in a conversational manner.  People find it a much more convenient source of browsing and easily get answers to their questions.  It is supposed to be a crowing approach in 2022 and beyond.  

Short Videos

There is no need to explain how rapidly short video content is growing worldwide.  Did you know 89% of marketers have planned to spend on short-form videos in 2022? 

Friday, 4 February 2022

A Determinative Guide to Account-based Marketing

 Did you know the email CTR (Click through rate) is 2.6%? Even the ROI on direct mail is about 1%.

Now, everyone thinks, why are these figures too low? Well, the reason behind such low figures is inappropriate customer research. Several marketing campaigns cannot reach their ideal customers, segmentation & personalization. As a result, they achieved totally different from their expectations or desired results.

This is where Account-based marketing comes forward with great opportunities. It offers a way to reach your ideal customer who will recognize your efforts and pay you in the long run.

That’s the customers every business is seeking. Thenceforth, we will take a deep dive into account-based marketing.

Let’s start!

Introduction to Account-based Marketing Concept!

Account-based marketing is generally categorized into B2B marketing strategies. It is a marketing process where marketing & sales teams come together to search for quality accounts to become potential clients.

Let's understand it more clearly with an example:

Suppose you are running a lead generation campaign to meet the requirements of your customer persona. Yet, you are not fully assured what will stick.

On the other hand, when you are running an account-based marketing campaign, you target the customers you want with the assistance of the sales team. In the meantime, the combined efforts of the marketing & sales team find out your potential customer & set up a campaign that directly speaks to that particular audience.

Well, this is what makes Account-based marketing different from other marketing campaigns.

How Account-based Marketing is beneficial?

Now, let's take into account the perks that come with account-based marketing:

Ø  Minimize  Sales Cycle

An account-based marketing strategy is the one that can save a lot of time & bucks that directly results in ROI maximization. It allows businesses to connect straight with the core decision-makers. Instead, bring employee engagement with the resources who have limited authority access. As one is directly targeting the decision-makers, that ensures that they can pay and you will better serve them.

Ø  Simple to Estimate ROI

Statistics said that 99% account engagement is increased for ABM accounts alongside 80% revealed that the win rate is improved for the ABM approach. It is easier to evaluate the ROI and outcomes per mentioned prospects.

Suppose if we hit 100 potential audiences and convert 10 out of them. This is where the ABM conversion rate will remain 10%.

In this way, it witnesses to reach out to the entire targeted coast with a well-designed marketing campaign and convert 10 people. After that, 4 of them will leave after their first month.

Rather than, it would be best if you nurtured long-lasting, educated prospects that will stick with you in the long run.


Ø  Personalization cut-down long hours & Money

Can you estimate the time your sales team invested while speaking with customers who barely acknowledge what your business does? Such kind of marketing reflects a broad marketing strategy.

With ABM (Account-based marketing), businesses can attract an audience who are already well-versed or familiar with the company and its services. Basically, such prospects are ready to make decisions that save a lot of time & Money for businesses in the long run.


In our last sayings, we would say Account-based marketing is a smart choice for company sizes. It allows you to build a lasting bond with your customers. By proceeding with this strategy, businesses will reach customers that will upscale their retention rate and develop a robust base.

If you want to find out your ideal accounts, Cogniter Technologies will assist you in performing them proficiently.

Our Recommendation

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Monday, 3 January 2022

Social Media Marketing Strategies to be following in 2022; don't miss out 5th!

Research says an average US individual spends about 2 hours on social media. And, it's a considerable figure that can turn into a growth opportunity for businesses. Social Media can generate a maximum number of potential audiences for their venture via social media marketing trends.

In today's highly innovative world, every business has a digital presence and trade online. Social media has become an amazing way to attract potential traffic towards their business brand. You will find several social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that are helping tons of brands to strengthen their foothold in the marketplace.

Do you want to build a robust social media presence for your business brand? If yes, this reading might prove interesting for you.

Today, we will look into the result-driven social media marketing trends that will possibly work in 2022. So, take a glance below & complete the read at the end:

Top 5 SMM Trends that to be following in 2022

·         Create Short-form Video

Everyone knows Tiktok & Instagram Reels has crossed million and billions of user mark in 2021. It shows how a maximum number of individuals invested their time on these platforms.  In the meantime, businesses can find it a great opportunity to connect with millions of people & introduce their products. It allows businesses to promote their products worldwide via short video platforms.

Wholly, it is the future & businesses should invest in it to get amazing exposure in the 2022 market. 

·         Implement Paid Advertisements

With a fall-out in organic traffic on social media, it has become significant for marketers to invest in paid advertising.  Did you know 82% of B2B businesses are now investing in paid advertising to send their message to users and connect with them?  And there is no need to explain how significant sending messages out to the user is. Thenceforth, paid ads find a great mode to drive potential leads. Even a quality ad campaign can increase converting leads into customers.

So, it is suggested to invest in paid social media advertisements to entice a Maximum audience.

·         Social Listening is on Hype

Social listening plays a crucial role in changing or updating your business products & strategies.  It helps you understand what your followers & potential customers want from you and even how popular your business brand is?

With the assistance of social listening, you can check your brand mentions and popular hashtags. However, having this valuable information can assist you in making a result-driven decision for your business brand.

·         Promote Products on Social Media

If you are digitally selling products, you should allow your customer to purchase social media. Businesses must focus on building an Instagram shop or Facebook Shop in 2022. As a result, your customers can directly make a purchase on social media.

You can add the most demanded and preferable stock on social media and set up paid advertisements to gain quick results.

·         Social Media Customer Support Service

Yes, you heard it correctly! Businesses should focus on setting up social media customer support services. It can prove a profitable social media marketing strategy for 2022 as users find it more convenient to get answers to their queries on social media; instead of spending hours on call and messaging with customer support executives.

The best thing is most of the companies have not focused on this functionality yet; thenceforth, you can take advantage of it and build a strong foothold.


 You can follow the mentioned social media marketing trends to reach high bars in 2022 and get the most out of social media. The only thing social media demands is focus and creative trends to get high brand exposure & stronghold on it

If you want to build a robust presence on social media, Cogniter Technologies can help you implement result-driven social media marketing strategies as per your business brand requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us today at https://www.cogniter.com/.

Friday, 29 October 2021

Email Marketing - Is it still considered a powerful tool?


Email Marketing - Is it still considered a powerful tool?


The core key to run a successful business is attracting maximum customers and retain them in the long run with their business. Now, the question lies here, whether you want to entice customers during a worldwide pandemic or normal business days, how do you do that? How can you attract customers to visit your store or website?

We all know that here, the answer is Marketing. By implementing the best methods of marketing, businesses can attract and retain customers towards their business. In today’s advanced & technological world, digital marketing approaches have become a key pillar for businesses to achieve success. Amongst all popular approaches, Email Marketing is one of the potential digital marketing approaches that claim its fame.

A Brief Introduction to Email Marketing!

In 2021, Email Marketing is easy to implement, affordable, and highly profitable marketing approach. It helps businesses to build lasting relationships with prospective and current customers. Did you know nearly 66% of global small businesses are currently using email marketing? It is one of the popular approaches of digital marketing to promoting business products & services using emails.

Email Marketing acts an integral role in the potential digital marketing strategies by enhancing brand awareness, building brands, and boosting customer engagement.

How Worthwhile is Email Marketing?

It is obvious to have one email address in which the majority of people check their inboxes daily. In the meantime, if your business market via emails, you have the chance to reach your potential audience.

Additionally, you will find email marketing isn't unwelcome as the majority of traditional marketing approaches, including TV or Radio Ads that disturb the audience. As we see, everyone can check their emails at their convenience that makes a much more welcoming way of communication.

Email Marketing is also a great method to build brand and customer’s mind awareness. Suppose, if you are planning to purchase a pair of shoes and suddenly you get a big discount coupon on mail, you will surely grab the advantage.

It is also said that a combination of marketing automation and potential marketing strategies can help you reach the inboxes of your potential customers. Well, reaching customers at the right time will increase the chances of the sale.

Should you invest in Email Marketing?

No matter, you are running a business with a 200 or 2000+ workforce, Email marketing is relevant to all sizes of businesses. If you got email marketing at your fingertips, you can ensure that you will reach out to all your potential customers in the most effective manner.

Additionally, it is a cost-effective marketing approach that can prove advantageous over its cost. The only thing your business need is the right strategies and proficiency to use Email Marketing.


Undoubtedly, Email Marketing is worth doing to enhance your business reach and to improve brand awareness. If you are seeking to explore more about Email Marketing or have decided to put the best strategies into action, don’t hesitate to contact Cogniter Technologies.

Cogniter Technologies is a full-service digitalmarketing agency offering growth-oriented marketing solutions. We at Cogniter are driving a team of professional marketers who knows how to meet your objectives. We have been creating tons of successful email marketing campaigns for businesses since 2003.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

How PPC in digital marketing proves beneficial for businesses in 2021?

Are you kick-starting your digital business? Or do you want to achieve something big in the digital marketing profession?  Hereby, considering PPC marketing could prove a wise decision for a successful business journey.

Did you know global corporations spent $110 billion on PPC marketing in 2020? Well, PPC is one of the best modes to get a quick entry into the emerging digital marketing world. It holds a big share in successful digital marketing.

If you don't have in-depth knowledge regarding PPC Marketing, this reading might prove interesting for you. Let's take a glance below:

What is PPC in digital marketing?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click marketing comes into existence in 1996. As time goes on, this flawless advertising model becoming a robust platform around the world. As we know, professional advertisers bid on highly-ranked valuable keywords & place ads on platforms like Facebook, Bing & Google.

Nowadays, businesses start creating an instant connection with their potential digital audience. By perfectly optimizing & designing PPC ads, businesses boost brand awareness, generate maximum leads & drive higher sales.

How does PPC marketing boost business sales?

In the modern-day era, PPC marketing allows businesses to control their campaign performance because of data collection. Generally, advertisers can't do this with other advertising modes like banner ads on billboards.

PPC allows you to present your ad in front of the potential & targeted audience you want. With the assistance of clicks & impressions, businesses can analyze their ad & consider if any improvement is needed. Even though, businesses can also know how many users clicked to make sales using high-tech tracking & analysis tools. Once you start reaching your potential audience, you will get a high surge in your sales. It also considers one of the cost-effective advertising modes as compared to other options.

Why should you invest in PPC Marketing?

Here we will mention the top 3 reasons that convince you to invest in PPC marketing to achieve incredible results in 2021:

v  Offer Quick Results

In today’s fast-paced era, everyone wants to get quick results. Hereby, the PPC ad comes forward as a simple advertising model that is quickly created & approved within 24 or 48 hours. Even though, perfect ad generation can also deliver lucrative outcomes from day 1.

v  Everything is on the web

As per the current global pandemic hit, physical interactions are highly restricted that opens doors for business brands to strengthen their digital presence. From basic necessity to every comfort, everything is available on the internet where the audience spends considering part of every day on screen. Hereby, PPC ads offer a great opportunity to businesses to widen their circle of audience.

v  Decrease in CPC

Now, the buyer's market developed for advertisers due to economic stagnation. However, CPC went downwards & at a certain point, it dropped down up to 6% around all verticals. In such cheap CPC offerings, businesses can shrink their advertisement budget & save a lot of bucks to get higher outcomes.


On the whole, opting for PPC in digital marketing wouldn't prove anyhow useless for businesses. Especially in today's highly-emerging digital world, PPC marketing is a great choice for the roadway to success. We hope the above-mentioned information will prove helpful to make a choice for PPC marketing.

If you have decided to go with PPC marketing, let Cogniter Technologies give you a hand. They are one of the top-listed PPC agencies helps you to develop & implement lucrative PPC campaigns with perfection. Since 2003, they have helped countless businesses to boost their growth opportunities by proficiently manage their PPC campaigns,

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Top 5 Trends That Will Change 2018’s Mobile Gaming Outlook

Mobile technology is taking our lives by storm. The average time spent by people on their phones for non-voice content has increased almost five times in the past few years.

Research reveals that while it’s true that mostly those between the age 15 to 20 play mobile games daily, even more, adults ages 36 to 55 are also daily gamers and that’s alone in India. Mobile now accounts for almost 70% of digital media time.

2017 has been a special year for the mobile gaming industry in India and globally. In 2018, we expect game developers to leverage latest updates in the mobile app market.

On that note, here are the top 5 trends that are likely to define 2018’s mobile gaming outlook:

Innovative and Interactive Social Features

Social gaming is not new when it comes to mobile games. Mobile users are always excited to go social and like to share, invite and engage with other gaming friends while playing their favorite games. And now, implementing creative and more interactive social features in mobile games seems to have taken the shape of a wave in 2018.

Cloud-Based Games

Cloud-based games are here to redefine the way game development is done and the way gamers play the game. This unusual concept in the game development world can intrigue people who have never played cloud games. It lets players run live games on cloud server but can stream them on their mobile devices without having to download or install the game app.

More Cross-Platform Mobile Games

Reports confirm that smartphone and tablet games together contribute to almost 42% of total global gaming market revenue, which is obviously much higher than what PC games generate. This is why professional game development artists in India and abroad are inspired to create games that work well on mobile devices as on game consoles and PCs in 2018. 

Rise of Live Activities and Features

With a variety of live features, gamers feel excited and inspired to play more, resulting in habitual addiction for constant use of mobile games. According to online data, nearly 60% of top 100 grossing games contain unique incentives and rewards that make players take part in live events. This trend is expected to continue with more intensity and impact in 2018.

Offline Games

Offline games allow players to continue their game sessions even when internet connectivity falters especially during travel. Fruit Ninja has earned the reputation of the most downloaded offline game in Apple store and made $1 million per month. No wonder Google has now added a novel category of offline game apps to its Play Store.

In Conclusion

These 5 trends signify how mobile gaming industry is booming globally, inspiring game developers and brands to build and launch unique video games that will capture a big chunk of the mobile market.

If you are looking for a lucrative and unique mobile game development company in India, Cogniter Technologies is the ideal choice. We have developed multiple award-winning and popular games in India. We cater to the global audience and develop games in multiple genres for our clients in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Germany and other countries.

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