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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Setup your Online Store with- Magento Development

Starting a full-scale online store is also easy with several open sources or free e-commerce CMS’s like Magento, Cube Cart, OS Commerce and Zen Cart. Among all of these Magneto is most powerful and excellent CMS to build e-commerce shopping cart solutions. Most reputed Web-hosting providers give the option of quickly installing popular e-commerce platforms through the hosting management dashboard.

Though this e-commerce platforms Magento is free, so you can hire an Offshore Magento Development Company to creating an online store. With this web platform you can establish your online store in a quick time. It should not be difficult if you hire a good offshore magento development company having skilled magento developers.

Why to use Magento Development Services to Set up Online Store?

Magento E-commerce platform incorporates with multiple payment gateways such as Google Checkout and PayPal. So, you can start accepting payments with a few clicks. Magento will enable you to replicate most features of your favorite online stores. You will be able to list multiple versions of your products, offer coupons or promotion codes and accept payment through various ways including credit cards.

Once the website is ready, it is time to get customers. Apart from search engine optimization so that your website ranks high in search results, you can use online advertisements to attract customers. However, online advertising can quickly take a huge toll on your pocket if you do not manage your campaigns properly. It is very easy to optimize magento developed website as it is incorporate with SEO friendly plugins. These make SEO process easy for it.

So if you website is developed using magento, you can spot a market for a service or a product and promote your website creatively, you can be a successful online entrepreneur. An effective social marketing strategy can turn your website viral and reach a large number of people without spending too much.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Magento Development India- A Successful Source of E-Commerce Web Development

Magento is a new free e-commerce platform that goals to deal with all factors of developing and keeping an e-commerce site including shopping cart shipping, product reviews and much more. The organization looks to play in the “professional start source” space, providing its value platform to developers that want to develop their own plug-in or make personalized variations of the software. Magento seems to be off to a nice beginning with more than 10,000 downloads available in the two several weeks since first being published, according to the survey.

Professionals in magento website development have started to pay a serious amount of attention to e-commerce websites, trying to meet the demands of a very diversified and sophisticated virtual public. They have developed particular techniques for website development, providing their customers with websites that are safe and easy to use. By implementing search engine optimization strategies and e-commerce applications, these specialists have shown that e-commerce India websites have a lot of potential and the future may bring even more innovations.

As a customer, you want that the e-commerce websites to access and which save your time and money. So to fulfill the requirements of the clients of e commerce web development, Magento Developer India has acquired this Magento software functionality very well and serves their clients by making best e-commerce shopping solutions for them.

If you are looking for Magento Development India services them it will be an intelligent decision by you for the growth of your business. Offshore Magento Development services not only serve quality work but also approachable at affordable cost.

So why to wait more!!!

Hire Cogniter Technologies for best Magento Development Services.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Cost Effective Joomla Development Services

Joomla development services offer a vast potential to operate in. It works on the platform of php, and is competent enough to meet the web development requirements small as well as big business. Joomla development can be stated that it is highly suitable for small-size companies as it is built on the platform of PHP and MySQL. With features like demo option, user-friendly and truly economical, Joomla has been envisaged to make it big in the web development services. It is best to develop e-commerce systems, complex directories, inventory control systems, communication tool. The services offered by Joomla Development India includes development and implementation, online shopping cart, Joomla design integration, Joomla module and component installation, extension development, Joomla custom modules development, custom components development, project management and newsflash scrolling.

Joomla developers are very expert in their work, that they understand all the technical aspects of the language and make it more suitable for your online business. You can hire a dedicated website developer who will be committed to developing your website as per your business requirement. Joomla developer understands your requirements in a professional manner and takes up the task assigned to him or her in a dedicated way. The versatility of Joomla developer is a must for creating an appealing and dynamic website; the prior experience of Joomla expert in creating a Joomla website must be taken care of. Moreover, the count of years of experience can also help you find the best Joomla programmer for your firm. You must choose a Joomla developer whose dedicated work must reflect in the form he or she creates a dynamic website, which can be easily accessible to you for the purposes of deletion, editing, and addition. Moreover, unique work of a developer is reflected once he or she creates such a website that stands different from other websites providing the same services.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Increasing demand of Iphone App development in market

Iphone app development services are famous world wide and have created its own market in the mobile industry. Many devices are available in the market and iPhone is the king among them. It has been launched by Apple Inc. that is a multimedia enabled and best for internet usage. This smart phone is having amazing features and dynamic applications. With this demand of iPhone app developers is also increasing rapidly. Recently, Apple Inc. has launched iPhone 4 and iPhone OS 4 that are more advanced devices in this device series. iPhone apps developer must be experienced and have skills of working for the company providing mobile applications.

Iphone developers must be capable in creating dynamic apps that will make your device attractive and eye-catching. They are efficient in developing personalized as well as organizational level applications. While doing iphone app development the developers used to design iPhone apps that would run on Apple's Safari browser, but with the kit it became easy because it gave developers a framework for building the app. Gaming, social networking, business and entertainment are few of the most popular apps. The iPhone world is booming so you need to go for the one that stays updated with the market. If you want to develop an app then you must need an expert offshore iPhone apps development company or you need to hire iPhone apps developer who can make an implementation on your ideas and provides perfect output. Many mobile application development companies are also providing outsource iPhone development service as well as iPhone apps customization service to develop or create your thoughts into present. They can develop apps for small business to the large organization to provide a dynamic and professional look to their apps.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

ASP .Net Development India and its popularity

In India ASP.NET development is in great demand with the advancement of the internet and intensification of web development in the country. The choice of ASP.NET as a development platform has seen India become a favorite destination of companies worldwide, which prefer the country due to its numerous advantages such as cost and international level skills. The growth in organizations and businesses needing ASP.NET development in India has seen a parallel growth in the growth of full-service and professional ASP.NET development firms that collaborate with businesses and organizations to produce unique solutions. ASP.NET applications includes shopping carts, content management systems, ASP.NET forums, ASP.NET newsletters, auto-responders, eCommerce applications, large corporate intranets and database driven financial applications.

ASP.NET has become the favorite choice of web masters and internet managers for dynamic websites, ecommerce applications, portal development, and many more. ASP .Net Development India has developed flexible pricing schemes that are suitable for most developers in the country and abroad. The normal route to hiring ASP.NET developers is usually through fixing a custom quote for a project. Going for outsourcing of .net development in India not only saves times for such enterprises but importantly, a significant amount of money as well. The trend is evident for the past few years now, as more and more companies are looking to outsource such services to India. Indian professionals are renowned around the world for their penchant for constant innovations. They are also known for their incredible product ideas and for coming out with outstanding solutions at frequent intervals of time.

Monday 20 February 2012

Offshore Web Design Services in India

Offshore web design takes is one of the best practices since the companies focus greatly on quality and improvement of the procedures on a continual basis. Companies that outsource services of offshore development India operate at higher efficiency levels, dependability and reliability. The risk factors are also minimized in the process as far as project failures are concerned during the management of service level agreements. The excellence of the offshore website design company brings out creative inputs and ideas for ensuring the development of global online businesses. The cost reduction of the designing process is combined with creativity which helps outsourcing companies as also individuals. Through fresh as well as original ideas of presentation, the offshore IT companies are suitable for operating in a diverse range of fields and industries. Offshore web design India also maintain effective correspondence with on site clients to encourage the business.

Through fresh as well as original ideas of presentation, the offshore outsourcing companies are suitable for operating in a diverse range of fields and industries. Offshore web designers also maintain effective correspondence with on site clients to encourage the business. An offshore website designing company is a good option to consider if the client expects higher costs and does not wish to compromise on quality at the same time. Since costs offshore are lower, any offshore web designing company usually passes on the cost savings directly to the clients. The outcome of any web designing effort can be considered successful only if the design is truly in line with the client's mission and goals. A successful web design resonates with the client's business strategy as well. Thus, hiring an offshore web design company can be a wise decision considering the various alternatives available presently. The entire web designing effort can thus be a joyful and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Saturday 11 February 2012

Blogspot.com is Redirecting to Country Specific URL

Now onwards Blogger blogs will redirect to country level TLD extension. Usually I read Google webmaster central blog, Google blog to know about latest updates from Google. But On i.e. Jan 31st 2012, I observed that the blog of Googlewebmastercentral "Blogspot.com is automatically redirecting to Blogspot.in" of Google. Then I checked my blog as I live in India, it's redirecting to ".in". It might redirect to “blogspot.com.au”, if I live in Australia.

Key Points regarding this change:

1. Duplicate content issue is the 1st thing we notice in this case. However Google is stating that "rel=canonical" tag will be used across all country level extensions and their team is trying to make less negative impact on search results.

2. Google will receive so many requests to remove content from few blogs. So they would like to manage country wise removal of content. Few countries may not accept some content, but other countries will. Through this latest update, Content removed as per a country’s law will only be removed from the relevant ccTLD and available for other countries.

3. Custom domains will not see any affect. Free blogspot sites will just redirect to country wise extension, remaining all same.

Here is the official information from Google regarding this change: http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2402711

Friday 10 February 2012

Basic but the Important Newsletter Designing Tips

You have seen a newsletter anywhere: at school, businesses places, workplaces, and in the organizations. It is one of most common types of interaction content. Newsletter designing begins with information collecting, composing and then proof-reading. After that creating large number of newsletters and lastly published publicly.

Sometimes, it will pay to be daring with your html newsletter design. You do not have to believe everything your published newsletter has to say about publication platforms, normal styles, colors etc. If you truly want a customized newsletter that is your own, you have to be daring and try out something exclusive and very amazing. Let me offer you a few thoughts on how to be daring with your updates.

Here are some tips that can help you to create interactive newsletter designs.
Research with Standard Styles - A newsletter's dimension is aspect of its effect. Standard updates of course will make a "standard" effect on your viewers. If you want to be daring about your newsletter design, then you should of course try to be daring as well with your publication dimensions.
Innovate with New Styles - Now, another way to be stylish about your newsletter is to innovate with new styles. Who says that the publication masthead and topic should be all in the top? You can mix and go with some structure components to create your updates a bit different. You can have a complete size photo on the top with a topic at the aspect but on the front and your newsletter's name and logo watermarked somewhere else. You can really be innovative with your structure, especially if it is for promotion. So always try to discover with your styles.

Add Additional Products in Updates – Being a newsletter designer you might also want to be daring with the additional products within and around your coloring updates. You can give marketing newsletter appeal to it by adding marketing places to develop the marketing energy of your printing. You can use a publication sleeve to cover your publication as something else that is innovative and simple to see. You can even place other components such as in another way designed online or little instructions into them. These additional products remake your updates into a more effective moderate, allowing you to add more features to it.

Publish Latest and Eye-catching Content - Of course, you may also want to be daring about the content for publication stamping. There are different especially created report elements that can be used by those publications printing device out there. Just try to ask them if they have new shiny report elements, think report elements, shiny ink, metal ink etc. These new elements can develop the overall look of your updates and in some situations create them more unforgettable. So discover and see the latest types of publication stamping.

Publish the Important Message- Collect down first all the details you want to add in the newsletter, such as new solutions, reductions, provides or reports. Make sure that you deliver it in such an appealing way. Viewers can be tired quickly, so you need to create a great content.
So what are you holding out for? Try to be daring and stylish with your newsletter design. Just use the above mentioned tricks.

Develop your Business Android Apps with Cogniter Technologies

Are you in search of a trusted Android App Development company? Then your search stops at Cogniter Technologies. Cogniter Technologies is an expert Android App Development Company in India providing Android App Development services since its launch.

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Monday 6 February 2012

Email Newsletter Design Tips

Email Newsletters have totally changed way of interaction. They're a fast and affordable method whether you want to promote your enterprise, send up to date information to your clients or keep touching with associates of your company or team. An efficient newsletter design is one that persuades individuals to start the contact, study it, press on the hyperlinks, act on the details and suggest it to others.

Below mentioned tips can help you to design an impressive email newsletter design:


Good style begins with understanding the objective of your email marketing newsletter and the form of viewers it is going to. There is a wide change between a per month law company publication for important professional customers and a regular bring up to date on the fun and frolics at the regional golf team.

Great Quality

Your publication style should indicate its aim, overall tone and audience. Official does not mean tedious and informal does not mean bad and beginner. A good newsletter should always look well-designed and be created to the best expectations.

Conventional Template

Creating an average style for your email newsletter has two benefits. It gives you a structure to perform within, and it provides a component of knowledge for visitors. Individuals should be able to identify from the colors, style and structure that this is your publication before they study a concept. Several standard layouts are available on the web or you can style your own.

About You

Your design should involve your logo if you have one, the name of the company, a headline, e.g. "Cogniter Technologies" and possibly a sub-heading. Everyone loves examining about other individuals. Where possible customize with images of your, the group, clients or group associates.


An image is value a million terms and this is certainly real with e-mails. Selecting shiny, distinct and eye-catching graphics to show you each article will instantly catch reader’s interest. Pay interest to quality concerns and provide sayings if necessary. Be aware of trademark concerns when posting content that is not your own.

Standard Messages

Build details such as details, web page address and "opt-out" hyperlinks into the footer of the design. These only need to be little but they have to be there. Add an "email to a friend" option if appropriate to improve circulation. Involve promotional offers and reminders in a popular location.

Revise before Finalization

Revise content of your newsletter and get someone else to study it through to examine for mistakes and to analyze hyperlinks. Also create sure that it is understandable over different get in touch with applications. Have a look at on every concern to see which articles was study most and ask for feedback from your visitors on what they like and don't like about the publication. Reviews are the best way to keep enhancing both style and content.

Friday 3 February 2012

Why Android App Development is on its Peak of Popularity?

Since the time Google has entered into the space of mobile phone devices with Android operating system, the mobile phone devices supported by this operating system have gained incredible popularity all over the world. The reason behind increased popularity and incredible demand for Android based mobile phone devices are because of their in-built apps which are fashionable as well as utility apps.

Today, when mobile phones are becoming common, people are more excited about the Android operating system in their mobile phones rather than the style of cell phone devices which they are using. In the recent time an android operating system based phone can be regarded as the power house of many things as it has all the information like the search engines charts, climate information, E-mail interaction, appropriate routing, Songs, shopping, and many other plenty of features which has completely changed that definition of mobile phones in our life. Over all the fact is that the increasing reputation of Android operating system is mainly because of two reasons and they are fun and its convenience that is due to its exciting apps.

Because of Android operating systems consistent growth due to its fabulous applications the reputation of mobile app development industry has experienced quick growth. These days, there are many companies who are offering Android app development services to all over world and they have obtained benefits and produced great income from in just couple of season's time.

Android has been provided by Google and it’s an free platform for developing smart phone applications for which is giving a greater range of opportunities to the Android app developer to develop modern applications.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of android app development is that Android technology is exciting and thought-provoking. Another important aspect of Android's popularity is that it is providing greater level of security options and due to the reason Android apps are secure and robust in nature.

If you have any more suggestions on Android app development and its features please let us know through you valuable comments.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Scope of Offshore Web Design and Development Services

A new shrug of resolutions to the most in western countries has to emerge through the current website design and development offshore. The key points for economists and politicians in their struggle to establish long-term plans to fight the attacks or barriers of the growth of business are normally monetary crisis, employment expenses and often unavailable, aging or retired experts in technology, the problems of scale up or scale down due to government policies, workers’ policies, attitudes, and other factors. The practice in offshore labor supply seems to be an effective business solution that deals with these concerns.

There is no scarcity of web developers these days, so why not choose any of them down the walkway? Well, this can be prepared, but you need to understand what you require is not only a website that directs only a few mouse clicks. This site is an echo of your business on the web, and therefore should have the right sort of specialized look. You should look for a web designing company that has a team of web designing and developing experts that can effectively design and manage your site effectively. The basic attention given while a website is developed is an ease to navigate, color format, good graphics, pictures readable, good looking font, and well organized and brief content.

An offshore web designing company has been the development and the trick of the trade organization now gets an all-encompassing solution through it without having to go away for services whether developing a homepage or creating designs with an added attraction quotient – package has it all. Offshore web design makes everything to draw traffic to turn onlookers into dedicated customers.

Cogniter Technologies offers offshore web development services, offshore PHP programming, .Net programming at affordable prices. Companies or firms looking to outsource web development and offshore web programming gain competitive advantage from Indian IT service-providing companies into web development and enabling web technologies for their businesses. The savings in outsourcing web development to India result in approximately 50-60% savings as against website development & programming done in-house.