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Friday 4 February 2022

A Determinative Guide to Account-based Marketing

 Did you know the email CTR (Click through rate) is 2.6%? Even the ROI on direct mail is about 1%.

Now, everyone thinks, why are these figures too low? Well, the reason behind such low figures is inappropriate customer research. Several marketing campaigns cannot reach their ideal customers, segmentation & personalization. As a result, they achieved totally different from their expectations or desired results.

This is where Account-based marketing comes forward with great opportunities. It offers a way to reach your ideal customer who will recognize your efforts and pay you in the long run.

That’s the customers every business is seeking. Thenceforth, we will take a deep dive into account-based marketing.

Let’s start!

Introduction to Account-based Marketing Concept!

Account-based marketing is generally categorized into B2B marketing strategies. It is a marketing process where marketing & sales teams come together to search for quality accounts to become potential clients.

Let's understand it more clearly with an example:

Suppose you are running a lead generation campaign to meet the requirements of your customer persona. Yet, you are not fully assured what will stick.

On the other hand, when you are running an account-based marketing campaign, you target the customers you want with the assistance of the sales team. In the meantime, the combined efforts of the marketing & sales team find out your potential customer & set up a campaign that directly speaks to that particular audience.

Well, this is what makes Account-based marketing different from other marketing campaigns.

How Account-based Marketing is beneficial?

Now, let's take into account the perks that come with account-based marketing:

Ø  Minimize  Sales Cycle

An account-based marketing strategy is the one that can save a lot of time & bucks that directly results in ROI maximization. It allows businesses to connect straight with the core decision-makers. Instead, bring employee engagement with the resources who have limited authority access. As one is directly targeting the decision-makers, that ensures that they can pay and you will better serve them.

Ø  Simple to Estimate ROI

Statistics said that 99% account engagement is increased for ABM accounts alongside 80% revealed that the win rate is improved for the ABM approach. It is easier to evaluate the ROI and outcomes per mentioned prospects.

Suppose if we hit 100 potential audiences and convert 10 out of them. This is where the ABM conversion rate will remain 10%.

In this way, it witnesses to reach out to the entire targeted coast with a well-designed marketing campaign and convert 10 people. After that, 4 of them will leave after their first month.

Rather than, it would be best if you nurtured long-lasting, educated prospects that will stick with you in the long run.


Ø  Personalization cut-down long hours & Money

Can you estimate the time your sales team invested while speaking with customers who barely acknowledge what your business does? Such kind of marketing reflects a broad marketing strategy.

With ABM (Account-based marketing), businesses can attract an audience who are already well-versed or familiar with the company and its services. Basically, such prospects are ready to make decisions that save a lot of time & Money for businesses in the long run.


In our last sayings, we would say Account-based marketing is a smart choice for company sizes. It allows you to build a lasting bond with your customers. By proceeding with this strategy, businesses will reach customers that will upscale their retention rate and develop a robust base.

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