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Friday, 29 October 2021

Email Marketing - Is it still considered a powerful tool?


Email Marketing - Is it still considered a powerful tool?


The core key to run a successful business is attracting maximum customers and retain them in the long run with their business. Now, the question lies here, whether you want to entice customers during a worldwide pandemic or normal business days, how do you do that? How can you attract customers to visit your store or website?

We all know that here, the answer is Marketing. By implementing the best methods of marketing, businesses can attract and retain customers towards their business. In today’s advanced & technological world, digital marketing approaches have become a key pillar for businesses to achieve success. Amongst all popular approaches, Email Marketing is one of the potential digital marketing approaches that claim its fame.

A Brief Introduction to Email Marketing!

In 2021, Email Marketing is easy to implement, affordable, and highly profitable marketing approach. It helps businesses to build lasting relationships with prospective and current customers. Did you know nearly 66% of global small businesses are currently using email marketing? It is one of the popular approaches of digital marketing to promoting business products & services using emails.

Email Marketing acts an integral role in the potential digital marketing strategies by enhancing brand awareness, building brands, and boosting customer engagement.

How Worthwhile is Email Marketing?

It is obvious to have one email address in which the majority of people check their inboxes daily. In the meantime, if your business market via emails, you have the chance to reach your potential audience.

Additionally, you will find email marketing isn't unwelcome as the majority of traditional marketing approaches, including TV or Radio Ads that disturb the audience. As we see, everyone can check their emails at their convenience that makes a much more welcoming way of communication.

Email Marketing is also a great method to build brand and customer’s mind awareness. Suppose, if you are planning to purchase a pair of shoes and suddenly you get a big discount coupon on mail, you will surely grab the advantage.

It is also said that a combination of marketing automation and potential marketing strategies can help you reach the inboxes of your potential customers. Well, reaching customers at the right time will increase the chances of the sale.

Should you invest in Email Marketing?

No matter, you are running a business with a 200 or 2000+ workforce, Email marketing is relevant to all sizes of businesses. If you got email marketing at your fingertips, you can ensure that you will reach out to all your potential customers in the most effective manner.

Additionally, it is a cost-effective marketing approach that can prove advantageous over its cost. The only thing your business need is the right strategies and proficiency to use Email Marketing.


Undoubtedly, Email Marketing is worth doing to enhance your business reach and to improve brand awareness. If you are seeking to explore more about Email Marketing or have decided to put the best strategies into action, don’t hesitate to contact Cogniter Technologies.

Cogniter Technologies is a full-service digitalmarketing agency offering growth-oriented marketing solutions. We at Cogniter are driving a team of professional marketers who knows how to meet your objectives. We have been creating tons of successful email marketing campaigns for businesses since 2003.

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