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Monday 3 October 2022

Powerful Android App Development Trends Dominating in 2022

Every year, we witness new and unexpected app development innovations that lay the foundation for the future of mobile apps. The android app development trends in 2022 are some of the most groundbreaking. 

So, let’s break down the trends to be aware of in 2022:

Blockchain Technology

Decentralized app development solutions are picking up the pace because they boost transparency and use security protocols to remove unauthorized access. 

Financial segments like currency exchanges and banks may engage with blockchain technologies in the future. 

Blockchain technology limits the chances of data loss, helps with improved performance by deploying data, and provides secure & safer data encryption. Hence, this trend is expected to be the next wave of mobile apps.


AI and ML Will Become Mainstream         

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been making rounds for many years. However, it can be seen that they have finally come into action this year.

From implementing automated chatbots to enhancing data security and managing products & services, AI can do wonders for businesses to provide an enhanced user experience.

AI and ML improve mobile app development services by helping companies utilize technology for image labeling, text recognition, landmark recognition, and much more. Furthermore, automation eliminates the chances of human errors and saves costs on human labor.  


Apps for Wearable and Foldable Devices

Every year, new innovations keep coming back and forth. Wearables and foldable are such innovations that have become buzzwords.

Since the popularity of wearables is increasing, companies are utilizing Android SDK to provide hardware access like sensors and GPUs.  

With the release of the Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the mobile industry considers them an absolute delight. As the demand for these new generation foldable devices is skyrocketing, mobile apps will soon adjust to foldable devices. 


Chatbots/Google Assistant 

App integration with Google Assistant has become the need of the hour for a mobile app testing company. Using chatbots, it will become easier to help users access apps directly. With Google app actions, users can perform certain activities in the app from google Assistant with an app’s deep link.

Scheduled Actions, the new feature for Google Assistant, will allow users to perform various activities, including turning off and on a smart device, making coffee, and many more. It is expected that users will be able to control over 20 home devices with this new feature.  


Internet of Things Will Be More Refined

Implementation of IoT is another key mobile app development trend that is gaining attention in the market of android app development in India and worldwide. IoT, aka the Internet of Things, allows developers to use hardware platforms like Rasberry Pi to build devices without the knowledge of embedding the system design. 

Using Android Studio and Android SDK., developers can easily build custom apps. It has been predicted that the IoT market will reach $1.6 trillion by 2025. Industries like logistics, eCommerce, and healthcare, among others, can benefit from this technology.  


Bottom Line

The only thing that remains constant in the android app development space is change.  As per the next big things in the mobile app development world, it can be expected that the Android operating system will use new technologies for a seamless user experience. In order to stay competitive, businesses need to adopt the latest technologies in app development.


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