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Friday 4 March 2022

Unlock the Marketing & Advertising Trends that help you Rule in 2022

Advertising and Marketing have always been a famed industry for quick evolution & transformations.

Regardless of that, the circumstances of a few previous years have made the marketing industry more competitive & challenging for marketers.

From technological shifts, labor shortages, pandemic-suffered consumers to supply chain disturbance, made the marketers more nimble and proactive.

Since 2020, every marketer has written their strategic concepts, rewritten, and fully vanished sometimes.

Am I right?  Because I did the same!

Well, the competition touches the sky doesn’t mean businesses can beat it.

Today's blog post will discuss the top Marketing & Advertising trends that help you steer in 2022 & beyond.

Let’s start, then!!!

Top 5 Marketing & Advertising Trends of 2022

Inclusive & Empathetic Marketing

Inclusive & Empathetic Marketing encourages the human centricity that will be the one way to succeed further.

Unsurprisingly, Isolation, uncertain incidents, and social distance of the previous years have badly scooped up on the mental well-being of humans.  As a result, consumers start attracting towards the softer marketing techniques; in spite of overpromising advertisements.  

Basically, Empathetic & Inclusive marketing is all about putting your approach in the customer's shoes.  The prime aim of the approach is to build a credible relationship with your customer that will run last long and mutually benefits both sides of the customer & business.

There are a few tricks to remember while implementing an Empathetic marketing approach:

·         Always be authentic

·         Increase Customer Engagement

·         Let your customer believe why you exist

·         Use Empathetic language, etc.


  Voice Search Optimization

Did you know 48% of customers started using voice search assistants for web search?  Well, 48% is not an ignorable figure.  Since the advent of the Voice Search functionality, it has proved the fastest growing technology, including Siri, Alex, and many others.

Respectively, the increase in voice searches drives website SEO.

Voice Search Assistant is an interesting technique.  Imagine asking common questions and getting answers in a conversational manner.  People find it a much more convenient source of browsing and easily get answers to their questions.  It is supposed to be a crowing approach in 2022 and beyond.  

Short Videos

There is no need to explain how rapidly short video content is growing worldwide.  Did you know 89% of marketers have planned to spend on short-form videos in 2022? 


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