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Tuesday 4 September 2012

5 Best Free iPhone Apps You Must Have

Your iPhone is a great device. It can be your best friend, guide you to your destination, entertain you when you are bored, and do multitude of other things for you. To make your iPhone a perfect device, it should be loaded with right kind of apps – the apps that can be of use when required. We bring you 5 best free iPhone apps that you cannot afford to miss. Come; let us check them out…!!!

Find a God
Well, most of the people start their day off on a religious note; so, this app is dedicated to them. Find a God has been designed and developed by Cogniter Technologies, one of the renowned offshore IT services providers. The app allows the user to find religious places in the near vicinity. This real-time feature-filled app not only finds the religious spots for you, but also provides you the driving directions to that place.

Photo Editor by Aviary
The app has been developed by Aviary; and, is one of the best photo editing apps in the App Store. It has some great features like rotating, adjusting size, cropping, drawing, texting, etc.

Find My iPhone
This unique app prevents your iPhone from getting lost. The app allows you to find the lost phone through another iOS device in different ways – display message on screen, play loud music, lock the phone, or even erase the data completely. You cannot miss this app!!!

TripAdvisor is the portal’s official app that gives you genuine reviews of variety of places across the world. It will help you plan your trips wisely.

It is a must-have app for your iPhone. Skype allows you to chat, share files, and make free calls to another Skype user, anywhere in the world – all for free!!!


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